Managing your dealer account on is a simple process. Once logged in to the site, the "My Profile" item will appear in the main menu. From there you can edit your listing, view and edit your access credentials or sign up for one of our paid plans giving you a greater voice in review discussions.

Dealer Dashboard

As a dealer, you will not be using the "My Reviews" button. does not allow dealers to review their own listings. The "My Profile" button allows you to view and edit your login credentials. You can change your password and email here.

How to edit your dealer listing

Edit ListingUnder the Dealer Dashboard you can edit the content of your listing using the "Edit your listing" button. You will see a page with your dealer listed. Using the small gear icon, click on "Edit Listing" and you may change the descriptive text of your listing. You may also add or edit media, including images, videos and attachments (if your plan allows).

Upgrading your listing

As a dealer with a listing on our site, you must sign up for our Copper Plan. This only allows you to change the descriptive text of your dealer listing and allows one image. offers paid listing plans offering a plethora of enhancements. Please view the Your account & upgrades page for more details.

Upgrading your listing plan from the Your account page is a simple process. You may upgrade to the Silver or Gold Plan by clicking on the "Upgrade" shopping cart button to the right of your listing on the Your account page:

Upgrade Listing

After clicking on the Upgrade button, you may review the details of our two paid plans and choose which plan best suits your needs. After confirming your plan you will be taken to the payment screen. Currently accepts payment through PayPal using a credit card or a PayPal account. You do not need a PayPal account to pay for the upgrade with a credit card.

Once payment is confirmed, you will be returned to and your upgrades will be active. Any extra features unlocked by the upgrade will now be available to you when you edit your listing.  Your subscriptions and invoices can be viewed and printed on the Your account page.

Owner replies to customer reviews

One benefit of upgrading to a paid plan is the ability to have the final word in reviews. Owner replies appear within the body of the review itself. This allows you to tell your side of the story or thank your customers directly on your dealer listing page in each review. Reviewers cannot answer nor comment on your owner replies.

To leave an owner reply to a review click on the "Reply to this review" button: Reply to this review

Expiration of paid plans

If you do not make a payment to continue the subscription to a paid plan, upon expiration the extra features will be hidden from view both for users and dealers alike, including owner replies to reviews. If you have any questions or run into trouble using our system please feel free to contact us. A summary of our paid plans is shown here:

Copper Plan

The base plan to get you started on This plan includes your business listing on the site and one image.


Silver Plan

Have the final word in your reviews! As the owner of the listing, your responses will appear together with the review.


Gold Plan

Supercharge your listing with all the features of the Silver Plan plus a linkback to your website, 10 images, 10 videos, and a custom Facebook like box!