Posting Guidelines

These Posting Guidelines (the “Guidelines”) shall govern and control all user generated content on (the “Site”). Submissions to this Site are those of the individual poster and are their own subjective opinions and not opinions of the website’s owner. The Site reserves the right to remove any Submission in accordance with the Terms of Use, including for any Submission that fails to meet these Guidelines. In addition, the Site may ban the author from future Submissions due to their failure to comply with these Guidelines or as otherwise set forth in accordance with the Terms of Use.

All users of the Site shall abide by the following when making a Submission or Review:

  1. Do not use a review to insult anyone or use this Site to attack a company or a customer, or any other submission author. However, this is not meant to restrict your right to comment on or describe an experience.
  2. This is a forum regarding precious metal company reviews and therefore content related to political, ethic, or religious topics is not relevant.
  3. Only one review per experience is permitted.
  4. Reviews must be free from any web links, ads, solicitations, or any other offer to other persons.
  5. Do not include content that was published by others, or any content published by yourself that appears elsewhere, that is subject to obligations of confidentiality, or that you do not have permission to post here.
  6. Do not impersonate anyone or claim to be someone other than who you are.
  7. Do not use inappropriate content, which includes profanity, obscenities, racial and ethnic references, physical threats of violence directed at an individual or group, references to physical appearances, references to criminal, illegal, or unethical activity, or other such content intended to defraud or harm another.

Again, we reserve the right (but are not obligated) to remove any post for any reason at any time. While we hope to not have to remove any Submissions, we do so in an effort to encourage others to review and post Submissions and to provide helpful feedback for the precious metal dealer.

Content Integrity Policy is a forum where customers can read other customer reviews about precious metals companies. Once in a while, someone will try to game our system by attempting to post a fake review. The following sets out our policy regarding fraudulent reviews, and the actions we take to identify, block, and remove fraudulent reviews.

We do not take lightly the decision to remove a review from our Site. It might be easier to simply remove reviews that a business owner disagrees with, but it goes against what we stand for, which is the right for genuine consumers to share their experiences.

We believe that everyone should play by the same rules. Businesses are not able to influence the Site to improve their reviews or ratings.

We have unique processes for moderating the content submitted to the Site. Since 2013, we have utilized an independent third party to manage the content of the website, including all ratings and reviews. This third party uses authentication criteria to identify and remove fraudulent and non-compliant reviews and endeavors to make sure only authentic and compliant customer reviews are published to the Site. Those processes are applied in the same way to all content, ratings, complaints, and properties. While every effort is made to authenticate reviews, no warranty is made as to the legitimacy of the reviews posted to the Site, or that legitimate reviews may be removed through the process.

Unfortunately, we have seen that some businesses will attempt to manipulate the system by trying to submit positive review of their own business (or finding others to do so on their behalf) or submitting negative reviews of their competitors. This is exactly why we utilize a respected third-party management company to manage the reviews and ratings.

If the third-party manager finds that inappropriate reviews have been submitted, we direct them to block or remove such reviews. Although we hope to preserve everyone’s contributions, we do reserve the right to move or remove any posting without notice or explanation, at our sole discretion.

Disclosure of Affiliation: The owner and manager of the website, PM Web Assets, LLC, has some overlapping ownership with one of the precious metals companies on the website, Texas Precious Metals. However, this affiliation has no effect on the reviews or ratings of Texas Precious Metals, or any of the other precious metals companies listed on the site. Neither Texas Precious Metals, nor any precious metals company has any input into the management of content and reviews. We never have and never will give Texas Precious Metals or anyone else preferential treatment.